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Goddess Liliana…The Seductress…

Lipstick fetish Goddess,Erotic Humiliatrix, Female Supremacist,Interracial Cuckoldress,Tease…

Online Tributes

Online tributes in the form of Amazon.co.uk gift cards are always appreciated and they should be sent to seductresslily@gmail.com

If you want to pay for something I have displayed in my wish list send a gift certificate and mention in your message the item you would like me to have.

Click here for Amazon.co.uk wish list

Real life meetings

If I choose to meet you, you will be required to tribute for every encounter as I love abusing you in every way including financially. I absolutely adore using males for my own pleasure and tormenting them in all sorts of ways !

The fact that I mentioned that the pro Dominatrix approach doesn’t suit my style doesn’t mean you will get anything for free. On the contrary, if you are the kind I’m looking for you will know exactly how to treat a beautiful woman like me and you will be aware of how much your wallet is going to suffer.

I love being spoiled and I want you to work hard for it. This is MY lifestyle and if you want to be part of it you have to be able to satisfy me on financial AND emotional levels…

Make me happy and you will be happy!

Some simple things I love receiving if you get to meet me:

-John Lewis Gift Vouchers

-Boots gift cards

-ITunes vouchers

-Bentalls gift cards

-Montezuma dark chocolate Lordy Lord with cocoa nibs-lifetime supply -As I like dark chocolate that much *winks

-Talk to me about shoes, jewellery, stockings, lingerie, handbags, perfume, books as I have very particular taste when it comes to my  female weapons …Or take me out shopping!

Call me!