Goddess Liliana…The Seductress…

Cuckoldress, Erotic Humiliatrix, Female Supremacist…Genuinely loves men on their knees!

I am a sensual, bewitching  lifestyle Dominatrix, Cuckoldress, Humiliatrix and Financial Dominatrix… I was not always a Domme, I have created the devil myself…I am a beautiful woman with a kinky mind, extremely aware of her power over the male species…

Life is a process, we make choices, time passes, moods, styles, desires and feelings change and develop. We become who we are through that process. Having moved into my 30’s, now confident, refined, secure in myself, sexually educated, experienced and tested I will coax, tease, control and mould the men who enter my world.

I am an owner of submissive boys and looking to expand my harem  so if you think I would be interested in having you as one of my boys make sure you read my website properly, understand what I like, then make the next step.

I want true servitude and obedience.

I create and demand long-term relationships with service-oriented specimens.

I love men who understand the concept “Woman as your Goddess” and are willing to treat me the way I deserve to be treated…I have a sensual approach to Domination…I believe you can enslave a man the old ways…

My personal choice to exercise my domination gene is exactly that! I have a natural lust for domination, I just love to see males of the species around my feet awaiting further instructions. I am a temptress not an actress, what I do is for real and for me. I genuinely adore enslaving men…I do not want or need an entire dungeon to do that…

Therefore, what I offer here is distinctly designed for all the submissives and fetishists that are desperate to share their deepest darkest secrets with a beautiful woman, who understands and can allow them to let go.

Seductive, sensual ecstasy is my creed. Foot fetishists will adore me, my gorgeous feet and toes will take your breath away. Those whose knees go weak at the mere thought of the touch of long, natural, perfectly polished fingernails will shudder at the thought of it. I can scratch and torment, tease, tickle and delight. The most luxurious, luscious lipstick adorns my delightfully full and sensuous lips.

My style is sexy, classy, elegant, feminine, alluring, seductive…but for sure I can be evil in the most entangling ways…I love  boots, high heels, adore pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, leather, fine fabrics, fine jewellery…My beauty and feminine charms are weapons of male enslavement and I use them to my advantage. I am dominant but I will never stop being a lady. You will find yourself willing to fall on your knees and worship me while I take advantage of you with a smile on my face.

You are here because this is what you crave…contact me, we’ll make a start.

I don’t pretend to know it all, but I would love to know your all…Allow me to be the master of your mind…Come to me boy!

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